Golden Boys / #theywillbethem

Note: work still in process… text and images will be updated as progress is made..

This body of work explores the hopes and fears I have for my sons and their future world.

Our country, America, is one going through turmoil. Every day we grapple with upsetting stories of inequality, terrorism, addiction, war, climate change and more. It has come to light that many of those in power, and especially white males who have traditionally held such roles, have abused it and perpetuated these issues.

Border Keepers

These images are manipulated photographs featuring my two young sons. Initially, I found the original versions of these images beautiful. They also struck a chord of discomfort, on the verge of sickeningly sweet: two healthy, white, blonde boys existing freely amidst a privileged, lush backdrop. I know too well the potential harm and ruin they can create.


{Insert process of de-constructive manipulation – digital/bleach and reasoning here}

First Snow

My sons – wild and tender – are at risk of entitlement and abuse of their Eden. I want to preserve their wonder, their play, and even their primal male instincts – and yet it is my duty to raise them into humble, responsible, caring leaders and friends.