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They Will Be Them

” ‘Maybe there is a beast….maybe it’s only us.’ ”   |   William Golding, Lord of the Flies   “Wild thing, you make my heart sing”   |   The Troggs   i.   ii.     iii. iv.    

“Likeness” Exhibition at Clark University Schlitkamp Gallery

My work is currently on display at Clark University’s Schiltkamp Gallery in the group exhibition, Likeness. From Neolithic plastered skulls to today’s phone “selfie,” images of the human head are probably the most potent, frequent, symbolic, and enduring visual artifacts we create. The portrait engages mortality, celebrates the individual, reveals social mores—and fully challenges the…

Bracciano | Roma

Dan and I finally journeyed to Italy to visit his sister, Kelsey, and her husband, Fabio.  Fabio is from the scenic castle-by-the-lake town of Bracciano.  Together they opened a beer bar/restaurant, Birreria dar Toro Seduto, which if you happen to travel to that area, you MUST stop by (and say you’re a friend/client/friend :)). Their…

United South End Settlements

United South End Settlements organization hired me to photograph their center on the South End/Roxbury border so that they could have some images for marketing use.  This was a really cool assignment, because I was able to witness an amazing and influential non-profit organization at work.  Here is the USES mission statement: To build a strong community by improving…